I am Don Renfro Jr

Aspiring Dev

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What I do

Design + Developement

Working in HTML, CSS, JavaScript to design and develope web based projects. Also studying Python to further develope code skills I am currently using in QC of websites and apps.


I have set up and currently run my own business website utilizing different payment and shipping solutions for customers. Every item is made to order so that every customer has a custom product.

Word Press

Worded with Word Press to design and develope my own e-commerce website. Utilized WP tools to make a stylistically dynamic site, that also looks professional in the areana that the products being sold exist.

My Work

Who I am

Aspiring Developer & Entrepreneur based in NOLA

I spent many years in a different industry as a leader of people and processes. The upheaval caused by the global Covid pandemic forced me to get out of my comfort zone, and to pursue a different career path. This search lead me to web developement, and learning the many languages of coding. I also started my own business during this transistion period. It is a niche business that serves a small sector of its industry.

I am a genuinely curious person, that likes to tinker. I have good mechanical skills, and like to build and fix things. I enjoy learning new skills, and being a jack of all trades. I have many hobbies that allow me to enjoy many different activities and locations.

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My Work

A Selection of my range of work